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Services and Pricing

Each visit includes

  • A light wash of the headstone and removal of any bird droppings

  • Removal of debris and fallen leaves

  • Cleaning of pots and replacement of flowers

  • Strimming and trimming of grass (if required)

  • Weeding and re-seeding (if needed)

  • Before and after photos are also available (on request)

Packages and Prices

One-off - From £35

Monthly - 12 visits a year - From £25 per visit

Bi-Monthly - 6 visits a year - From £35 per visit

Quarterly - 4 visits a year - From £40 per visit

Bespoke packages are also available

Visits can be made once or twice per year, I can tend to your loved one's grave at a time suitable for you, whether it may be for an anniversary, birthday or Christmas.

Special flowers, new vases and ornaments can also be placed to honour your loved one.

To enquire about my services please use the contact page.

Extra services

  • Placement of new pots

  • Replacement of chippings or aggregates

  • Replacement of vase pots

  • Replacement or new placement of grave decorations

Repainting of faded lettering with specialist paint - available from £50

Deep cleaning - available from £60

This uses specialist monument cleaner, with no harsh chemicals to harm the stone or any local wildlife.

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